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Title: What's on YOUR Building Board?
Post by: Deerslayer on February 02, 2011, 10:38:29 AM
Let's see what you're working on. Nothing inspires a builder like seeing what other folks may be up to. Often, a project is most interesting to an observer while it is still under construction. That is the time we get to see, and learn from, what others are doing and how they do it. Questions may even be asked. Answers given might help you, or others, to improve building skills and techniques.

So, come on - don't be shy!
Title: The Sky Bird
Post by: Deerslayer on February 02, 2011, 10:43:08 AM
To start things off, attached is a picture of what I am currently building (slowly, as I have been in a bit of a building slump). I must acknowledge that the included picture is NOT mine, nor is it of my specific project; rather, it is taken from an excellent web site:

The aircraft is the Sky Bird, an 11 foot span sailplane designed and kitted by Ray Hayes,
who is

This design is very similar to Dick Thornbird's Bird of Time, a classic from the 1970's. There have been a gazillion BoT's and variants built over the years. Ray's variations range from the 78" Lil Bird up to my 132" Sky Bird.

I saw KRCM Member Don MacLean flying his older Lil Bird at the field last fall. That re-kindled my long time, but rather dormant, interest in the Bird of Time. My friend Dave King
"threw together" a Bird of Time awhile back and I noticed it in his shop a couple years ago. Some Members know Dave from his decades of full-scale builds of multi-hull sailboats and powered aircraft, including his amazing Storch. These two fellows inspired me.

I will have to bite the bullet and wade into the e-power swamp for this, as I have decided to make it self-launching rather than launched by hi-start, aero-towing or just hand-launched (for slope soaring at Fort Henry hill, the best soaring site in the entire region).

More and more sailplanes seem to be showing up at our field these days. Practical, small, electric technology has made a great difference, combined with 2.4 GHz radios. No longer need a glider guider be unwelcome due to his hogging of a valuable channel and stringing out a couple hundred feet of hi-start or winch cable, or having to find someone to aero-tow.

Ray's kit is beautifully laser-cut, excellent wood, well-packaged. The Sky Bird cost about $200 plus shipping from Fort Wayne Indiana. I might not recommend it for a novice builder. I have puzzled over a couple of the building approaches - I am just at the inboard sections of the wing, and am trying to achieve perfection, which always frustrates me as I am just not that good!

When I get something all framed up, I will post more pictures.

Title: Re: What's on YOUR Building Board?
Post by: J_Lee on February 15, 2011, 10:55:19 AM
Well, still being a rookie I haven't tackled any kits yet....but I did finish up my 1st Balsa ARF and working on the 2nd now...just awaiting some parts and we should be good to go on the 1st snowless weekend... :)
The T-34 is ready to go...maybe a few more nights on the other will do it...

Oh Ya, some tips and tricks on how to smooth out wrinkles would be a great topic for someone to start... :)