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Title: F-16 Ducted Fan Kits for Sale
Post by: Deerslayer on January 07, 2018, 07:35:53 AM
I have two of these for sale. Dan and I had one a few years ago and can vouch for what a great plane these are. Hand-launched, easy to fly, they are a perfect way to try out electric ducted fan aircraft at a rock bottom cost. To my knowledge, these are no longer available, much to the dismay of the very large group of enthusiasts for the product.

Here is the primary RCGROUPS forum: (

Many owners customize their F-16's in appearance and also with other than the original EDF gear - a lot has changed over the past decade. Some of these planes have been built with truly wicked performance packages!  The fan is readily available form Hobby King or elsewhere.

I am asking $45 each, and I would consider something slightly less if sold as a pair.