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Title: KFm Airfoils
Post by: Deerslayer on March 31, 2019, 08:14:10 AM
I have built a large number of foamy's from foamboard of various sizes and styles. Of recent years, the larger ones have almost always used the KFm4 wing, i.e., stepped at somewhere like 40 to 50% of chord, top and bottom. Structural integrity has been my primary goal, overall performance is next and ease of construction is always important. Every one of them has flown as expected, or better.

This fellow has produced many planes, encorporated great ideas and shared with us all. Unfortunately, he has faded from the scene, at least for awhile, but his videos remain. This one presents an excellent rationale for use of the KFm style of airfoil for models. I hope this encourages someone else to give them a try. (