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Title: The Swan
Post by: Deerslayer on January 20, 2020, 06:31:32 AM
My latest "seamonster" is the Swan, which was test flown a couple of days ago. This is a really simple and quick build which turns out to be a very nice flyer without any bad manners. If the sun ever returns to the Great White North this year, we will see how these do in their alternate environment, water.
I had a 40-sized Seamaster for close to 20 years and it spent a lot of time flying from water and snow. In fact, it became my favorite winter plane for a long time. The Swan, loosely based upon the Shrimp, certainly bears resemblance to the Seamaster (no T-tail, though) and flies much like it. Here is an attempt to produce a semi-serious documentary on the Swan. Despite the heckling from certain members of Vultures Row, this went well. I have a lot of video clips taken that day of various activities that the Numb Thumbs Flyers were up to, which I hope to cobble together very soon.

If anyone is interested in building one of these, I have a simple plan and PDF available. The latter may be publisher in here after I spruce it up a bit and encorporate a couple more details.