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General Discussion / Hobbyists helping the cause
« on: March 28, 2020, 09:06:41 AM »
There have been a number of media reports and videos regarding a worldwide effort to produce some of the critically needed medical items.

I forwarded one of the articles to several of our Members who I know have 3D printers. This was probably not news to them.

One of our Members (unnamed out of respect for his privacy) responded that he has been printing face shields for use by operating room staff at KGH, where such items are scarce. What a great thing to hear! Your note back turned our day around significantly!

There may be others amongst us who have the hardware capabilities to contribute to such efforts. (I don't, although I wish that I did). They may already be doing such work. It would be great to hear about, and to acknowledge, their efforts.

Around the country, and the world, there are libraries and educational institutions that are making available their 3D printers to contribute. There are some groups in our area doing this work at home or elsewhere.

One thing in common is that these individuals are donating their time and materials to this cause. Is there a way to help them, perhaps with the cost of materials?

To any of you folks who are producing such items, we would certainly like to hear of your efforts and/or whatever we can do to help. If you wish to remain anonymous, consider sending me an email outlining what you are doing. With your permission, I will post it as a quote with your name withheld, if you wish.

It is frustrating for many of us to have to sit back, isolated, and unable to directly contribute to such a cause. Knowing that some of our friends are able to do something makes life seem a lot better. Can we help them?

General Discussion / Re: MAAC Field Closure Suggestion
« on: March 25, 2020, 06:29:37 PM »
Huh? She would never ... or ...

Once upon a time, after a serious error in judgment on my part, there had been mention of putting me on an iceberg and pushing it out in our bay. Now that spring is here, that is no longer of immediate concern to me.
Life is always a bit of a gamble, n'est ce pas? Be careful and try to be extra kind to your better half in these trying times - just in case!

A little inspirational messaging for y'all:

"Keep your stick on the ice. We're all in this together!"

"I'm a man. I can change. If I have to. I guess."

General Discussion / Re: MAAC Field Closure Suggestion
« on: March 25, 2020, 11:09:34 AM »
Garry my wife seen this doesn't, look good
You mean that she just went out to buy some "knitting materials"?

My lady has a whole room for her crafty work, she is currently building yet another beautiful large quilt ... or at least that is what she says. There is something like that taking shape in there. Of course, during my nap time, there could be some other secret project under way in there that I would not know about. When I ask for a progress report on said quilt, the answer always seems to be that it is proceeding "slowly" and no percentage completion number is ever available.
Stay calm and carry on!

Plans, Projects, Building and Flying Tips / Re: Vampire #2
« on: March 25, 2020, 09:01:16 AM »
Good work, nice addition to the RAF (Reg's Air Farce). Could that have originally been Flypaper's plane? He had either a Vampire or a Meteor, I don't recall which.

General Discussion / Re: MAAC Field Closure Suggestion
« on: March 25, 2020, 07:53:51 AM »
Now that this topic has been somewhat derailed ...

Have you ever wondered how your better half is coping with the situation (like having you stuck at home rather than working or flying)?
This scene bothers me, just a tad:

General Discussion / Re: MAAC Field Closure Suggestion
« on: March 24, 2020, 03:58:21 PM »
group hug?
Include me out, Tree D!  Not just for medical reasons, either ... Eeewww .... !

(I am still somewhat traumatized from that sort of group hug that Chucky tried on poor Skipper.)

General Discussion / Re: MAAC Field Closure Suggestion
« on: March 24, 2020, 11:10:20 AM »
I am offering this opinion with a sense of irony.

I, like a number of others, have flown at clubs where they use a continuous fence for pilot protection rather than individual flight stands. The widely separated flight stands harken back to the days of 72 MHz, where there was some concern about possible RF interference if transmitters were too close together. Some of us may recall having experienced such a situation. That is no longer of concern in the 2.4 GHz era.

Increasingly, folks have liked to gather together while flying. Formation flying, 3D group stuff, for flight instruction and often just for good communication.  For the foreseeable future, it looks like that practice has passed. I have been one who had advocated for replacing our flight stands with a fence arrangement. This health threat has now shown us the advantage to what we currently have. (Of course, we could go with the fence and simply post station numbers or markers at 6 foot intervals.)
Someday we hope to return to a "normal" situation. Everyone will have to think a bit differently about how we do a lot of things.
(Perhaps my "vegetable stand" back at my car will even be appreciated?  ;D )

General Discussion / Re: How dowels are made
« on: March 22, 2020, 02:49:22 PM »
I wonder who y'all are referring to?  Oh, wait a minute ....!

Buy, Sell, Trade or Give Away / Re: Lipo Batts
« on: March 19, 2020, 12:31:52 PM »
Consider paralleling 3 of them, giving you something close to 3300 mah, at least to try out the plane while you await getting the larger batteries. Just make sure that they are each balance charged such that all 9 cells show close to the same voltage.  I like to check batteries occasionally under load, so I have a 10 ohm, high wattage so-called power resistor with alligator clips that I can CAREFULLY clamp onto the xt60 or whatever connector at the same time as my meter is on the balance lead. Unless you place a battery under load, you are not seeing a really good readout. Just don't leave the load on too long, as it may get really hot and you might get roasted fingers or such.

Buy, Sell, Trade or Give Away / Re: Lipo Batts
« on: March 17, 2020, 04:34:12 PM »
What Bill said!
I have done that with a couple of planes, i.e., parallelled two 2200 mah batteries. I started out with new batteries, or at least with ones that I felt were similarly aged and experienced. Prior to each use, I would balance charge them (I always do that anyway) and see that all 6 cells came up to 4.20ish or whatever. At least, they should be fairly close, both before flying and afterward; if there is a lot of variance after the flight, keep an eye on this for the next flight(s) and, if they still mismatch by much, then consider matching another pair. Just my best take on the situation. Note: The combination of 2 batteries will probably be a bit more bulky than a single battery of that same mah capacity.

Field Maintenance - Mowing, etc. / Introduction
« on: March 10, 2020, 11:15:49 AM »
For 2020, Bruce Pardo is in charge of Field Maintenance, which includes organizing of grass cutting.

He, along with his team of volunteers, will try to keep the Club informed of ... whatever they want to!

Please be aware that mowing sometimes has to be done on short notice and there could be a very brief inconvenience to someone who is out to fly.
No one gets paid to do this, it is not all glamour, they are all our fellow flyers who are trying to keep this as the best flying site anywhere.

There may be requests posted from time to time for help with specific task, such as Spring cleanup, rolling, tree trimming, road maintenance, etc.

Plans, Projects, Building and Flying Tips / Servo removal
« on: March 06, 2020, 06:43:32 AM »
There are a lot of ARFs in our collective hands, predominantly constructed of some sort of foam.

Many of these owners will sooner or later need or want to remove a servo or perhaps a receiver or even some weights (I have done all of this). We find that sometimes the things are stuck in place as if someone's life depended upon them staying come hell or high water. Very nasty!

Sometimes  the only way you can get the thing out is to start cutting, gouging and prying, possibly making a major mess of the foam.

If you are lucky, you can use a solvent to break the mechanical bond between the servo and the foam. The Flitetest guys put me on to this a long time ago.
The usual solvent is ordinary isopropol alcohol from the medicine cabinet. It will not damage plastic or foam or paint of any kind that I have encountered.

Soak the joint area, either by dripping the alcohol around it or using a small paint brush, kept soaked. Try to start prying the glue away from either the servo or the foam or perhaps both, at one or more places. An Exacto knife, dental pick (my preferred method) or such may work best. Once you start to lift even the tiniest edge, keep soaking that area. You should find that it gets easier to pry more of the joint apart, especially if you pause frequently.

Be careful. Some plastics, particularly the cases of our beloved HXT and Turnigy type servos, are easily cracked and broken. Not a big concern if you just intend to junk it.

Unfortunately, some factories and even some modellers like to slap their adhesive all around a servo, including underneath it. This makes removal particularly difficult. With some luck, you can break the bond around the visible part of the servo and pour lots of solvent into the gap. You may need to wait a few seconds or a couple of minutes for it to take effect.

The principle involved id that the alcohol is very low viscosity and density, as well as being quite volatile. This means that it will "wick" into microsopic spaces, and vaporize, expanding that space. 

When you have extracted the object, you can use more solvent to clean it up. I have servos that have been removed, the gear train replaced, reassembled and they are indistinguishable from brand new ones.

When the time comes to re-install the servo, push it part way in, apply just a bit of hot glue at a couple of places, preferably at or under the tabs, and then fully seat it. It should be solid as a rock, yet you can extract it easily, if necessary, using this solvent technique.

I was stumped while trying to remove a defective servo from my (Joysway) Hobby King Skipper. Alcohol did  not work. The crap they cemented this thing in with seems like what is used on high end double-sided tape, i.e., it remains extremely sticky and terrible to get off of anything - including fingers!
In my desperation, I noticed a little bottle of something called Un-Cure I had bought many dog years ago but did not recall ever using. It came from the local hobby shop, sold as a CA debonder.  So, I dribbled some onto a piece of scrap foam to ensure that it didn't just dissolve the object. Then, I used the same technique as described above. Voila! It worked. I will find out for sure, when I find a suitable replacement servo, that there is  no residue which would defeat the new hot glue bond. I have no idea what chemical this stuff is, but at least I have a clean removal and ten whole working fingers.

VIDEOS and PICTURES from KRCM Events and Activities / Wing Fling !
« on: February 23, 2020, 04:36:55 PM »
Learn how to launch a flyng wing - from a pro!
It was a howling wind at the KRCM Toyground, but Harold and I felt that we just had to shoot this video. Sorry about the poor sound quality, tje Handycam really picks up the wind noise and Openshot has no way to reduce it. Guess I should have yelled?

Yesterday, at the Toyground, there was a comment regarding the disproportional amount of H footage compared to D footage in the above little video cobble.  Noted! We are working on that. Accordingly, Dwayne and I played chase with the Mobius mounted on Skipper. The resulting clips will eventually be blended into a full feature on the D plane and/or its owner - real potential for great public acclaim. Please be patient.

In reference to the received comment, the Tree Cub is one of those things that just keeps attracting folks' attention. (Sort of like a traffic accident in progress?). So, we must savor and record its progress as it slides down the rusty razor blade of life. Someday, troubadours will sing of its exploits, peasants and junior pilots will bow and scrape before it when it moves out to the flight line (the viewers on Vultures Row will pause to snicker and point fingers at it). Glory days, indeed.

Ummm ... that was INfamous, Tree D. Pay attention there!

We had another nice day out at the Toyground today. Where were you?

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