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Hello friends of KRCM,

It has been a while since I have been able to fly a model RC air craft, so after I finished my first rotation out west I was able to get a flight in with my fun cub (thanks Shaggy  ;D) While setting the Fun cub up, I forgot what way the ailerons were suppose to move  ??? I really had to think about it lol  I successfully got it set up and took it out for the first flight and my first flight in over a month. My lovely assistant (wife) was able to capture a few nice pictures. Its just like riding a bike, a little nervous at first because it had been a while and I didn't have a boat to retrieve my plane in case the enviable happened, but once it took off I was feeling alright.
I really do miss spending too much time at the fired with good friend and a great hobby that's for sure!
I hope to get to see a few of you guys at the field this weekend!
Take care

Well, Saturday May 18 was a great day for flying. The weather was fantastic, many people were out to enjoy the good weather and excitement that is always going on at KRCM  ;D  There was a few interesting events that occurred, including a P-47 that lost the motor and prop during flight, a few spectacular crashes along with a LiPo fire/explosion  :o
In all I had a lot of fun watching, helping and flying planes, as I'm sure every one else did as well, I hope to see and have more of these types of days before I sadly depart from this great club and flying field.
Here are some stills from Marilyn's great filming and Terry's wing cam that was used to capture a couple of really cool pictures through out the day.

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