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General Discussion / Taking your baby for a walk, in style
« on: September 22, 2017, 07:02:53 AM »
Came across this, today. Simone Gertz is a woman who creates useless robots and similar contraptions.

So, while out flying today, I finally found a reason to upgrade the Fun Cub's landing gear assembly.

Was playing around with the Fun Cub, throwing at around in the wind and doing "high speed" low passes. For the most part, it was a pretty smooth refresher, having not flown in weeks. Of course, that was until my last flight. While doing a low pass, I was fighting turbulence along the vertical axis and the gust died as I was pushing down and dropped the last foot to the runway. The PLANE kept going, flying fairly well, albeit with less drag and weight under the cockpit. That was because the landing gear was bouncing along the runway, having pulled out of the fuselage completely. I managed to bring the plane around and belly-land it (better, I think, than some of my wheeled landings), collected the plane and landing gear then turned around and hand-launched the Cub to finish my time for the flight.

We all had a great laugh about it and now I have a (very good) reason to use that reinforced landing gear assembly for Fun Cubs that has been floating around the club for a while, now.

I wish I had some footage, as I am laughing just thinking and writing about it.

On a more positive note; cleaned that old Fox motor up and finally got around to testing it, today. Seems to run, at least. Now to get a battery pack, castor oil and hook up a receiver and see if the servos still work at all. But yeah, it was nice to get the motor running and a big thanks to everyone who had a hand in getting it started.

General Discussion / Ideas for increasing public awareness of the Club
« on: August 04, 2017, 09:28:49 AM »
So I am wondering if it may be worth while investing some effort in to letting the public know we exist. Not only to drive up membership numbers, but to let folks know that this is a place they can bring their families for a pleasant weekend afternoon. I reckon the upcoming Giant-Scale and Warbirds events may be good ways of bringing in some looky-loo's (and additional revenue for the canteen)

I understand that there may be friction with a lot of these ideas and that there is a lot of folks still leery of letting the populace know we exist, after the break-in, but please keep an open mind. If the club is to survive, we need to maintain our growth and public awareness. I am afraid that, within 10 years, the club will dwindle in numbers and self-extinguish.

I would like to point out that our Club's name is "Kingston Radio Control Modellers" and that while an aircraft is prominent in the logo, we are not directly advertising that we are strictly an "aircraft specific" club.

Please post feedback and any other ideas you may have. I welcome an open discussion on this subject.

~ get CKWS to come out and do a segment for their 5:30 show, both prior to the event (to let folks know it is happening) and after (to let them see footage of what we do)
~ Host a regular canteen on the weekends. Nothing fancy, pop/water and BBQ fare.
~ More signage at high-traffic intersections leading to the club
~ Is there an "Official" club social media presence? (someone to post event notifications to facebook, etc? Them youngin's eat that stuff up. It is like the world outside of social media doesn't exist, to them.
~ Provide a "Google Maps" link with directions to the field, on the main page of the Club's website?
~ From my understanding, Leading Edge Hobbies' RC Car Club is without an off-road course. We could open up membership to them and provide space opposite the road from where the Drone FPV area is proposed to go in. (it would also be pretty neat to see more of them RC tanks in action)
~ Finish the FPV Drone area and start letting folks know it exists and we may get more drone-users out flying.
~ Strong-arm family members in to coming out. Host your (as in Club member) family's event out at the field, show them around and how nice it is.
~ Host "Free Trying out Flying" events. How many of us have FliteTest planes that are collecting dust and could be donated to the cause of getting folks interested in flying? Have kiosks with information about various aspects of the hobby, etc.
~ Set up a kiosk at community events at parks in town. Bring down some computers with RC flight sims installed and let folks try that out. Have other various information about the club available.

General Discussion / Solar-Powered Recharging Station?
« on: August 04, 2017, 08:47:51 AM »
So I got to wondering, the other day; "Could we set up a small solar panel on the roof of the club to charge a car battery to be made available to members as a means to recharge batteries?"

I do not know much about electronics (other than red to red/black to black and that blue smoke is what makes things work and if it gets out, they stop working) but would it be overly difficult and/or costly to set up another solar panel (like the one powering the weather station) to charge a car battery (or two) to act as a power bank for folks to recharge their batteries from? Maybe set up a pair of dedicated outlets?

With more folks flying electric, as opposed to liquid-fueled, I was wondering if there could be an addition to the flying lessons curriculum to cover proper Lipo handling practices?

~ More people might come out to fly if they are able to charge their batteries at the field.
~ Ease of access to charging services may result in more planes being in the air.
~ Folks will not have to have their vehicle batteries drained, risking getting stranded (small risk, but still)
~ Possible reduction in noise/air pollution by saving folks from having to run generators (and also save them money)
~ Charging devices closer to the flight line are more likely to be heard and monitored, than those in the parking lot. (I often hear chargers ringing along the parking lot line while folks are sat opposite the clubhouse, oblivious to their chargers. No judgement, just saying it happens)

~ Expensive and a possible theft-risk (pretty much the clincher)
~ Difficult(?) to set up and regulate.
~ Risk to the clubhouse of people leaving batteries charging unattended.
~ Over-use/output. Will it be able to supply enough power to meet demands on a busy day?

Any thoughts on the subject?

Currently in the planning phase, I need to learn pretty much everything I might need to know about constructing a plane out of insulation foam boards.

How big can I make it? (I wouldn't mind a wing-span comparable to the Fun Cub)
How do I calculate the dimensions?
How heavy can it be? (I would like some heft to it, if I can)
How big of a motor will I need? (I'll dig through our collection of spare parts and see what I can find)
How do I determine the required minimum power needed?
Should I use a gyro/stabilizer or not? (I'd rather not, but if it will smooth out the jostling that these light foamies experience, in winds, I might give it a try)
Landing gear or belly-lander? (I'd prefer landing gear and have the gear from that P-51 that I have salvaged, anchors and all)
If I make the Swordfish, could I use the "Flaps" channel to operate a bomb-drop device? (My brother has an RC tank, this could be fun) (Swordfish 3 view) (Typhoon 3 view)

General Discussion / *Maniacal Giggling*
« on: July 07, 2017, 02:35:57 PM »
Muahahahahahaaa! Spitfire!

Graduated from the Fun Cub to a FliteTest Spitfire. Holy poop on a pogo stick! Wheeeeeeeee!
Nothing too fancy, with the build. Plain white foam, for the most part. But Marvin put some nice reflective red coverings on the tops of the wings, so it is damned easy to spot (from the top)

So... Who is interested in some dogfighting? :D

(Will post photos later)

I aplogise for, as they say on the internet "The potato camera", but it is a 9 year old piece of equipment and can at least take decent photos.

ANYWHO, here is a link to the root folder. Feel free to download and use the images and videos as you see fit, but please let me know if you repost them anywhere (as a courtesy)
Clicking the links will take you to a page with the image or video on it and you can, from there, download them.

Two beautiful Spitfires

HS 129

Cliff with his MiniSpit (Cliff for scale)

DH Mosquito (I was so excited to see one of these!)


Planes that looked neat but I forget the names of (Fast and noisy, it was a treat to see a classic Canadian jet in the air)

Our stunning Club House

Brian (Bryan?) taking off with his P-40 (movie)

A collection of planes making low passes.

That little silver and orange jet making passes.

General Discussion / Greetings and salutations
« on: June 22, 2017, 11:12:12 AM »
Howdy y'all! Thomas here (Marvin's son).

I am excited to be a part of the club and look forward to being involved with activities at the field. I have a noggin full of ideas that I'd love to share with folks, as time goes on. While I may not have the most interest in the hobby, I am excited to help with getting that FPV drone track built.

I have been having a good time, going out and socializing and flying. But I would like to let folks know that I have some social anxieties and such, if I seem distant or similar, it is of no fault of yours and I am just overwhelmed a bit. With regards to joking around, I am fine with some friendly ribbing and such, I just falter on the response. The Father's Day weekend was a good litmus test and I figure things will be good, in the long run. Coming out to the field and working and socializing has been excellent therapy for me and I'd like to thank everyone for being so patient and friendly.

Flying the Fun Cub has been a great starter plane and I have gotten some excellent advice from instructors and fellow pilots on how to fly in a more controlled manner. My goals, with the hobby, are to get in to Warbird flying. I'd love to, eventually, build a DH Mosquito. Those Warbirds just look so smooth up there in the air. In the meantime, I have a FT P-51 I am assembling, as an introduction to Warbirds and to get in to doing some streamer dog-fighting (I figure it will be a good way to learn some maneuvers, trying to follow other planes)

Anywho, see you out at the field. I'll try to post on here and let folks know when Marvin and I will be going out to mow the flying field (as opposed to the out-field, camping areas or roadside).

Take care and fly savvy! o7

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