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I don't know if this is necessary but just in case some haven't found the photos thru Facebook or at RC Canada here's the link to my album on Flickr.


FPV at KRCM / Photographing FPV racing.
« on: October 02, 2017, 08:47:43 PM »
I was invited to photograph some drone racing which was a new venue for me. I didn't know anything about it but I thought that the Auto focus systems of my cameras would not be up to this due to physical size and speeds. This proved to be true but fortunately it was possible to pre focus on a zone and wait for action within that zone. A bit of experimentation on shutter speeds (it was a bright sunny day) found a decent shutter speed range between 1/2500 to 1/3200 second to almost freeze the drone while showing some prop blur. With most of the action occurring at the single gate in the centre of the course that became my target zone but I hadn't brought a tripod so held the camera to my face to try to keep the gate in frame, watched the drones approach with the other eye and  used the "spray & pray" method of holding the shutter button down as they passed near the gate. A tripod and shutter release cable would make this a relatively easy job.
My advice to anyone trying to photograph these is to set your ISO high enough, (but no higher) to allow shutter speeds between 1/2500 - 1/4000 using shutter speed as the priority (Tv or SS setting) that produces an aperture in the f 8 to f 16 range. This should give a bit of a depth of field and freeze the drone. Try to frame the gate (or another area) and then let the AF focus your lens slightly in front of it Once the lens has focused turn the AF off (usually done with a switch on the lens). Repeat this if you move the camera relative to your target zone.
The album from my first attempt at it worked out better than expected & can be found here.

I'll check back to make sure these links work because I have switched to Flickr now & I do not fully understand some of the share functions. I split things up between 2 albums due to the number of photos used & also dedicated the Warbird album to the memory of Brian Fisher by adding several more photos of the Harvard he had built than of other planes flown.
The general album should be here .
And the Warbirds in flight here.


As of earlier today Picasa Web Albums is now a dead link. Google has decided to abandon that photo sharing system & replace it with a new Google Photos site which I'll need to learn about & decide if it works well enough to stick with it. So far my thoughts about that aren't very positive because it looks like they don't think I want my albums in a chronological order with the newest event photos at the front so although all my albums are listed they are all mixed up. It may take a while to sort this out but in the meantime I'll start updating the album set I set up at Flickr some time ago.

For those interested My photos are now on line along with some of this years R/C event albums at my Picasa web page here.

I also am now using a Facebook page to keep people up to date & it's available here.

Here they are. Your field was in AWESOME shape & I enjoyed my dinner. Normally I have to race home to help get everything ready for my stepdaughter birthday party but we held it the previous weekend. Great job everyone.

A very big CONGRATULATIONS & Thank You to your club & all the volunteers for such a well prepared facility & well run event. I really wish I could stay for the Sunday part of it but unless my stepdaughter stops celebrating her birthday (which is very unlikely) I have to host the rest of the family & be the cook too.

First 3 albums here cover Saturday.

Already looking forward to next year.


Just a note to let you know my 3 albums are now on line. PLEASE let me know the names of the pilots for those that don't have captions the first time they appear in an album. I spent most of my time on the very busy flight line & just couldn't find a way to mingle & meet everyone.


Also let me congratulate your club volunteers, that field was amazing & they must have spent a lot of time on it. They also made me my breakfast & lunch, so THANK YOU.

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