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Hello friends of KRCM,

It has been a while since I have been able to fly a model RC air craft, so after I finished my first rotation out west I was able to get a flight in with my fun cub (thanks Shaggy  ;D) While setting the Fun cub up, I forgot what way the ailerons were suppose to move  ??? I really had to think about it lol  I successfully got it set up and took it out for the first flight and my first flight in over a month. My lovely assistant (wife) was able to capture a few nice pictures. Its just like riding a bike, a little nervous at first because it had been a while and I didn't have a boat to retrieve my plane in case the enviable happened, but once it took off I was feeling alright.
I really do miss spending too much time at the fired with good friend and a great hobby that's for sure!
I hope to get to see a few of you guys at the field this weekend!
Take care

Well, Saturday May 18 was a great day for flying. The weather was fantastic, many people were out to enjoy the good weather and excitement that is always going on at KRCM  ;D  There was a few interesting events that occurred, including a P-47 that lost the motor and prop during flight, a few spectacular crashes along with a LiPo fire/explosion  :o
In all I had a lot of fun watching, helping and flying planes, as I'm sure every one else did as well, I hope to see and have more of these types of days before I sadly depart from this great club and flying field.
Here are some stills from Marilyn's great filming and Terry's wing cam that was used to capture a couple of really cool pictures through out the day.

I'm building my Sabre in the stock form, since I will be flying it off a paved surface the stock motor and fan should be fine. The Eflite fan and motor I provided you with is from the Habu, It is a higher Kv motor and should provide a little more "poop" for taking off on grass. If it works that much better than mine, than I'll have to ask for it back  :P
I'm going to try to have it ready for it's maiden next week or so, I'll keep you informed Gord and maybe you can have your back up Sabre with the retracts ready.

General Discussion / Re: Parkzone SE5 (pkz5580)
« on: March 19, 2013, 09:33:16 AM »
Believe me, I am not attached to the SE5 in anyway, it has taught me a lot and it doesn't owe me a thing, so my feeling will not get hurt  8)
I have owned  both the corsair and the SE5 and I can tell you that I found the Corsair much more easier to fly and land vs the SE5. The PZ Corsair helped me get get my wings when I first started. Don't get me wrong, the SE5 does fly well, however will require co-originated turns with aileron and rudder to make clean flight lines, and landings I found a bit tricky. The SE5 is a sharp looking plane (at least mine used to be) I'd hate to see you bang up a new model on the learning curve, so my offer will always be on the table in case you change your mind.
When I first started flying last spring, I was told "don't get attached to a model" and I have found out the hard way that when flying inverted, down elevator is up and up is expensive!  :laugh:

I read the sad story Mike....maybe you should try these guys...   :laugh:


 :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Jason you kill me, that made me almost piss myself.
Gord, that parking lot is a great place to fly those F86 Sabre jets, there is a lot of room for take off and landings and it is a new pavement. When I have mine all built I am going to maiden it there.
Reg, I thought you were going to meet us there?  :-\

General Discussion / Re: Parkzone SE5 (pkz5580)
« on: March 17, 2013, 01:31:02 AM »
I can not really give you  "experienced" thoughts for a flawless flight of the PZ SE5, how ever, if you are considering purchasing one I have a "well used"  ;D SE5 that you are welcome to give it a go to see how it handles in the air and landings. The SE5 does have a lot of experience and looks like its been back from WW1 a few times so it is well "broken in" My feeling will not get hurt if there are a few more bump and bits missing.
Let me know when you will be at the field and I will be sure to throw it in my truck, just bring a few 3s 2200mAh pack and have fun, oh possibly some glue sticks in case you get shot down  :laugh:

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