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Hi Gary   That is a really great video & entertaining . Just wish it was a little longer .  John
It's a nice later Winter (or is it Spring?) day, I have the field all to myself, a great fire in the stove, it's time to play around with a bunch of my flying machines.

Meanwhile, the (Signals Corps?) have been encamped over on the DoD property for several days now, with a large tent and some vehicles sprouting rather interesting looking antennas. So, as part of my flying activities, I did some reconnoitering (fancy term for spying!) of the area.

The Crack Beaver is a light, high performance/wild 3D machine - not the first choice for FPV, but it was begging to have a little go at it anyway. Well, here is a brief video depicting my setup from both aerial and ground viewpoints.
Is the Field Available? Who is Flying Today? / Saturday
« Last post by Deerslayer on February 24, 2018, 05:41:16 PM »
What a great day out at the Toyground! Just the 3 of us today - Me, Myself and I.

The army was over in their playground with some trucks supporting rather interesting antennas. They have been hanging out theremost of this week and my curiosity finally got the best of me -  not too much of an effort. So, I wandered over eventually to see whasup?

Man, those folks are mudders! The old county road was mud soup!
I did not get much info, apart from whatever they are up to would not affect my/our toys. They had "approval from Industry Canada". I do not know what that outfit does but it gave me a really nice warm and fuzzy feeling, so I slogged back and put up a few more flights. I did surreptitiously snap a couple of pictures from behind a strategically located bush, but it was just a couple of green trucks.

Interesting day, overall.
FPV at KRCM / Head Tracker - Part 1
« Last post by Deerslayer on February 24, 2018, 07:23:17 AM »
Where's your head at, Boy!?

Haven't we all heard that? Well, some of us may have, perhaps on more than one occasion!

Wilf and I bought HeadTracker modules from SmartFPV. These units originally were designed by Dennis Frie and have a complete DIY writeup  and a very popular forum in rcgroups. This  company has prompt and efficient tech support, a real bonus for some of us.

We are learning and experimenting now. What is this and how does it work?

The module contains accelerometers and magnetometers for the three axes. These are monitored by an Arduino. Its output is a PCM pulse train that provides commands to up to 3 channels within the stream that will eventually emerge from the rc transmitter.

The unit is cabled to the Trainer port on the Tx. Whenever you select the Student mode via a switch, the HT is in control of whichever channel(s) you had selected. If you de-select, the affected  channel(s) are immediately returned to neutral and control is relinquished to the Tx.

So, the idea is to mount the HT on the FPV goggles or helmet. Then, you connect your aircraft's camera moving servos to one or more channels - normally, for Pan and possibly for Tilt, although Roll may be of use in some situations. 

When head tracking is enabled, the camera will follow your head movements. It's that simple. You get more of the feel of actually being in thr aircraft while flying, as well as being able to do ground ground obstacle checks while taxiing under the hood. Nice,

Well, there can be a lot more to it, but that gets us started!

Meanwhile, I have another HT on order, to serve as a spare as well as for another, unconventional use of thr technology, or perhaps to pass along to someone else who may become interested in trying out this stuff. I will put a little writeup in here as my "secret project" progresses, warts and all.
Buy, Sell, Trade or Give Away / Re: F-16 Ducted Fan Kits for Sale
« Last post by Deerslayer on February 22, 2018, 08:47:37 PM »
One of these kits was taken to the Auction and sold. The remaining kit is still for sale.
General Discussion / REAL Indoor flying!
« Last post by Deerslayer on February 21, 2018, 10:53:18 AM »
Everyone that hangs around our Toyground knows the local masterful Circle Flyer. His name starts with a "D" and has a "Wayne" in it (perhaps that is his alter ego?). Unfortunately, the poor fellow has an actual job, so he cannot come out and play as often as some of us n'er-do-wells. We have often wondered how he keeps his tenuous grip on sanity.

 Well, here is one possibility! Perhaps we can get an invite to slide on over to his house, have some beers and watch how he keeps in practice?
General Discussion / Re: HE'S ALIVE!!
« Last post by Deerslayer on February 20, 2018, 12:46:59 PM »
As of now Thursday looks very good.  :D As for the Pogo I can't remember if he used any mixing.  ??? ???

I am hoping for Thursday.
Yes, he did use mixing. I may even be able to help you. If we could find out who bought his dx9, we could copy his model files onto either  your or my Tx and start from there. Regardless, it is pretty simple. What radio do you have? If it has Flight Modes, there is a lot more we could do.
General Discussion / Re: HE'S ALIVE!!
« Last post by Dwayne on February 20, 2018, 08:38:31 AM »
As of now Thursday looks very good.  :D As for the Pogo I can't remember if he used any mixing.  ??? ???
General Discussion / Re: HE'S ALIVE!!
« Last post by Deerslayer on February 20, 2018, 05:52:46 AM »
That's great news, D.
Now, if we can get some slightly drier weather on one of your days off, we shall see if you and Super are going to be long term BFF's!
It sure will be good to see him back on the prowl again.

Pogo is next, right?
General Discussion / HE'S ALIVE!!
« Last post by Dwayne on February 19, 2018, 06:56:23 PM »
Waahaahaa, the sparks were flying as the grinders ground, the electricery flowed as I worked, it took everything I had but I did it, after many hours of sweat and toil Super Dude lives  and will fly again!!.  ;D 8) :P :laugh:
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