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Float Flying at Deseronto / Introduction to DRFC
« Last post by Deerslayer on July 21, 2018, 07:57:59 PM »
Deseronto Royal Flying Club (DRFC) basic information can be found here:

This Club has just been formed and has already held two informal events. The location is open to its Members at any time.

A number of KRCM Members have now flown there, most of whom have joined the new Club. At $40 annual membership, having year round access to an excellent, quiet location within easy driving distance of the Greater Kingston and Quinte areas, this is really good deal.

Periodically, the Club expects to declare an official Float Fly, with BBQ food being available. As well, it is a good place to buy, sell and swap R/C stuff. Several of us did just that at their second gathering, quite successfully. There is also plenty of room to fly foamy land models. The large open area is not manicured like at KRCM but is quite suitable for hand-launching. There is a large concrete pad, the floor of a former fruit processing plant, which is perfect for a control line pilot to try out. There are no buildings at the site; however, there are shade trees. There is a rescue boat available to Members for any aircraft retrievals.

NOTE: You must be a DRFC Member, or be attending a Float Fly event, to fly here. All activity is done according to specific agreements with the Deseronto town council and Mohawk Airport.

Watch in here, and elsewhere, for announcements of future activities.

If your are already a Member of DRFC, or have questions, or are trying to set up a group to go out and have fun,  please feel free to post in here. Just start a new Topic, below this.

Upcoming Events at KRCM and elsewhere / Re: Deseronto Float Fly - July 21
« Last post by Deerslayer on July 21, 2018, 07:41:17 PM »
The wind did not cooperate, but the dozen or so who showed up had a great day anyway. Fellowship, hamburgers, those were the main ingredients. Several of us brought stuff to sell and there were a number of really good deals, with happy buyers and sellers. We plan to do it again, perhaps in a month or so.

Meanwhile, the Deseronto Royal Flying Club just tripled, or more, in size! A number of us, all KRCM Members, joined up today and got our keys to the rescue boat.

This is going to turn out to be an excellent compatibility situation with two clubs mostly equidistant from many of the existing KRCM Members, each with its own particular features.
Lost And Found / Wattmeter left at field
« Last post by dmckenna99a on July 19, 2018, 02:03:51 PM »
Thursday July 19, battery attached to wattmeter in balancing mode. please contact Dan
If you leave in clubhouse with my name I can pick up. Thanks
General Discussion / Lemons
« Last post by Deerslayer on July 19, 2018, 12:58:21 PM »
 I have bought many Lemon receivers, with and without stabilizers, going back several years now. Never had a problem with one, nor do I see any issues showing up across the very large world-wide user community (check it out in rcgroups). Range tests done by technical people have shown the Lemons to be unsurpassed, even exceeding the performance of most others. I, and many other, trust them in expensive gliders or FPV aircraft that fly at the limit of one's visual range or even (unintentionally) beyond that distance.

 The user manual for the stab versions is superb, having been written, revised, updated by a couple of true experts within the user group and fully sanctioned by the designer himself. Speaking of which, this fellow designed and enginered the products and follows the group. He has used their input to improve and develop new products. As with most gear, the manufacturer is in Hong Kong.

 Unlike many other suppliers of our stuff, shipping charges are extremely low, the true cost of postage. Typically, you order something, a $3 or so shipping charge is applied and it shows up in your mail within 1 week in a padded envelope, properly sealed in a plastic package.

I just received a 10 channel, DSMX, receiver, 6 days after placing the order. It listed at $26US. It cost me $40 Canadian, period, including postage. No phoney baloney special brokerage fee or other charges. No UPS, DHL or FexEx got their hands on it. Yea, Hong Kong Post and Canada Post!

The local hobby shop now carries Lemons. Or, you can order them direct, online. I have done both. No regrets, either way.
Upcoming Events at KRCM and elsewhere / Re: Deseronto Float Fly - July 21
« Last post by Dwayne on July 19, 2018, 08:58:29 AM »
And don't forget. Cheap Gas!!! ;D ;D
Upcoming Events at KRCM and elsewhere / Re: Deseronto Float Fly - July 21
« Last post by Deerslayer on July 19, 2018, 06:09:35 AM »
Club info, including a map so no one gets lost in downtown Des.
General Discussion / Re: Spektrum SD Cards, Backup
« Last post by Deerslayer on July 18, 2018, 07:28:58 PM »
Airware is the operating system common to the dx18, dx9 and later systems.

When you go into Model Utilities, on of the options allows you to Sort models, i.e., manually  move a model to any place in the list.

As I recall, you have an old dx8. That does not run the modern software, Airware.
General Discussion / Re: Spektrum SD Cards, Backup
« Last post by ganguy on July 18, 2018, 09:19:14 AM »
I have been quite happy to just backup my models to the SD card without any further manipulation, it's simple, and once I did need to restore.
Where is Airware? Is that the software built into the Tranmitter? I'm not sure how you access it except throught the model import/export function.
Is there any way to easily sort the model locations (say alphabetically) using it? I've used model copy function, but you have to rebind at the new location.
Over to you, DS
General Discussion / Spektrum SD Cards, Backup
« Last post by Deerslayer on July 18, 2018, 07:51:22 AM »
I am surprised at how many DX-series transmitters there are which have an empty SD slot, or which have an SD card in there that never gets used. For folks like me, who spent their working lives working with and protecting digital information, this capability is fundamental.

If you ever get one of your models messed up, due to some suspected corruption or perhaps due to tinkering with some of the settings, the SD card is invaluable - if you used it during a less stressful time.

 I have perhaps 20 or 30 models available, some of which are simple and have remained unchanged over many years. Others are current "works in progress", with the side effect that I may have to retrace my steps to a previous stable configuration. Then, there is always the possibility that the radio could break and have to be sent away for repair, only to come back with its model memories erased. I remember when that happened to a flying buddy, he had to recreate some 30 models, some of major complexity, as he had never bothered to keep copies of the SPMs (An SPM is the file containing all of the parameters for a specific model.).

Without getting into details, as the Airware software that runs the transmitter is quite intuitive to use, here are a couple of things that I somewhat routinely do:

 If I make changes to a specific model, certainly if they are significant, I copy that particular model within the transmitter. If I have my brain in gear, I will perform that copy prior to making such changes.  Although Airware does not date stamped or version numbered for a saved file, they are stored in order of their creation. You can have a whole slew of them out there!

Another handy thing to do is to used the Model Name to help sort things out. For instance, prior to saving my Vertigo's file and subsequently messing around with it, I may alter its Name to "Vertigo 1JAN2018", then copy it to SD. Perhaps I will then rename the active model back to just "Vertigo" if/when I am satisfied with the results. This all takes a couple of seconds - time well spent!

Every few weeks, I do a Export All Models to the SD card in my transmitter.

Note that when you look at the list of models in your transmitter, they will probably be prefixed by numbers. These are not important and you can, as I always do, remove them - it gives more room for your desired name, e.g. "Vertigo & Lemon S+". Changing the name, or any other model parameter, DOES NOT require re-binding. Many people do not understand that. The only time you should ever have to re-bind a model is if you have Imported it from your SD, or if your receiver supports Failsafe and you wish to change that state. Everything else can be altered, from reassigning Ports or Channels to changing Model Type, without re-binding. I have planes that are many years old, they were initially bound to this transmitter and will remain so indefinately.

Back to the SD and its use:

 Airware supports Folders, which allows for neat and easy access to many things. To create a Folder, you mount the SD on your PC, then Create whatever Folders you want, copy files to it, return it to the transmitter and you are done. When you later try to Import a model, you will see any Folders out there and can select a model from them. The SD can have Folders that are unrelated to your models.

Some examples of how I use Folders on my system:

1. On my PC, I have a Folder somewhere called DX9. Every few months, I create a new Folder with that particular date under that one and copy whatever is on my SD card. This is my ultimate backup for everything, the SPMs, Voice files, various pieces of documentation, perhaps even some pictures.

2. When I upgrade Airware, I have it download the new file(s) onto the top directory of the SD - not into any Folder. When the SD is back in the transmitter, all you do it turn it on and the upgrade proceeds. Easy peasy! Now, there is no need to save that SPM (it gets renamed slightly by the upgrade process itself to prevent detection and re-use by the system), so I will eventually delete it anyway.

3. Today is 18 July 2018, so after Exporting all of my models, I pop the card into the PC, create a new Folder under the DX9 one called SPMs - 18JUL2018 and copy all of the SPMs from the card to that location.

I am unfamiliar with other current radio systems but they probably have similar capabilities - or should have!

Anyway, something for you to think about!
Upcoming Events at KRCM and elsewhere / Re: Deseronto Float Fly - July 21
« Last post by Dwayne on July 17, 2018, 09:15:34 AM »
Jeeze I didn't think about that, I'm sure I can find some stuff to bring.  8) ;D
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