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General Discussion / Re: Ok dumb question time
« Last post by Dwayne on September 07, 2017, 06:24:01 PM »
Thanks Gary, i finally found what I was looking for, i was googling Huckfest not Hucking.
From extreme skiers and mountain bikers. "To recklessly throw ones self into the air"
Also known to be out of control or beyond ones ability.
And used to describe someone who gets huge air in skiing or mountain biking. "Man did you see Joe Hucking that 60 footer"!

If this is used to describe big 3D planes I seriously can't wait and now I know what you meant over at RcCanucks about the fireplace, let the carnage begin!! :laugh: :P 8) ;D

Lost And Found / Introduction to Lost and Found
« Last post by Deerslayer on September 07, 2017, 08:57:48 AM »
Please post a description of the item(s) in here.

In the case of a lost aircraft, tell us what kind and colour the plane was and  try to describe landmarks which may enable someone else to track it down.

For example:
"Standing at the Clubhouse door, look toward the second Flight Station. I think the plane may be a long way out, past the first tree line. We saw it go down".

OR, perhaps:

 "Joe X. saw it go down from where he was standing." (That way ,Joe can point out to others more specifically what he saw).
General Discussion / Re: Ok dumb question time
« Last post by Deerslayer on September 07, 2017, 08:10:53 AM »
What is Hucking?
 Fair question, D, one that I have been asked by others, so here goes:

 Think of Freestyle BMX riding, snowboarding, etc. The term Hucking originated there. In the RC world, for our immediately upcoming event, it is primarily large scale planes, many of which are scale models of people-carrying aerobatic aircraft which you might expect to see at a conventional airshow; however, our Huckers and their planes can perform feats that no human-occupied plane can, nor could any pilot. Generally, it is 3D flying with large toys!

As of today, we have about 15 pilots signed up. Most are from the GTA and Western Ontario regions, others from the Ottawa Valley and at least one from Quebec, Brad, of our own Club, is the organizer and keeps the list updated, in the first posting at the event's site. Believe me, there are a bunch of pretty excited guys just chomping at the bit to get this event under way.

There will be an attempt to set a new Cluster Huck record here in October. The previous record is 14 planes, set just last weekend at the Great Canadian Clusterhuck in Orillia.  Seeing more than a dozen large aircraft launch in a row, eventually form up for the Cluster Huck, break out, do their own thing and return to earth, all without incident, is pretty amazing. I have seen it, it leaves quite an impression. There is a lot of skill, and trust, involved. Most of these guys have been there before, the bar (and therefore the record) keeps getting higher at each event. At the HuckFest, Brad was the marshall. For Huckowe'en, we want him to be in the air for the attempt, so I will volunteer to "heard the cats", if they wish. I hope we get a couple of good photographers and videographers on deck.

A terrific example of flying, videography, and great production values is the following little segment. Both Matt and Nick (the drone flyer/video guy) are at the top of the heap amongst this crew. Just the drone flying alone is in a class all to itself.

General Discussion / Ok dumb question time
« Last post by Dwayne on September 07, 2017, 07:08:35 AM »
So what the heck is a Huckfest and where did the term come from, all I can find on google is jumping off road trucks, so what's up?
  ???  ;D :P
General Discussion / Perlan 2 Stratospheric Glider - New Altitude Record
« Last post by Deerslayer on September 07, 2017, 05:03:04 AM »

Airbus Group
El Calafate, Argentina--The Perlan 2 stratospheric glider flew to 52,172 feet over the Andes mountains on September 3, establishing a new world altitude record for sailplanes and marking a key step on the way towards an eventual target of 90,000 ft.

The 82-ft span pressurized aircraft was lifted to high altitude by stratospheric mountain waves which developed over South America in early September. The favorable weather pattern occurred just days before the Airbus Perlan Mission II project team was due to complete its 2017 southern winter test campaign and return to its base in Minden, Nevada.  It was the longest Perlan 2 flight at 6.6 hours and was piloted by chief pilot Jim Payne and co-pilot Morgan Sandercock.

The flight was an important step towards using the Andean waves to reach even higher altitudes where Airbus Perlan hopes to intersect with a seasonal polar Jetstream wind that circles the South Pole at speeds up to 260 kt.  Using this mechanism the team hope to achieve sustained flight at altitudes where the Perlan could support investigations into phenomenon ranging from climate change and radiation impacts on crew to control concepts for future exploration vehicles operating in low-density altitudes like that of Mars.

Airbus Group
The flight, which beat the previous 50,727-foot glider record set in the unpressurized Perlan 1 by Perlan Project founder Einar Enevoldson and lead project sponsor Steve Fossett in 2006, was a welcome change in fortune for the program which had been frustrated in its efforts to reach higher altitudes by several weeks of unfavorable conditions. The aircraft has been based at El Calafate, in southern Patagonia, since July waiting for suitable high-level mountain waves to form which propagate into the stratosphere.

The record mission also goes a good way towards achieving the target for this year’s campaign which was to expand the flight envelope towards an interim altitude target of 60,000-65,000 ft. 
Buy, Sell, Trade or Give Away / Taigen M41 Walker Bulldog
« Last post by General Malarky on September 05, 2017, 11:34:15 AM »

Pretty much "New in box", has only been operated a handful of times.
None of the accessories were attached and are all included with the kit. (Unsure as to whether the airsoft BB's and smoke mixtures are present)

My brother, Ken, bought this a few years ago and then had kids and is looking to make some room in his basement.

$300 Or Best Offer. Please email with offers and questions.
VIDEOS and PICTURES from KRCM Events and Activities / Re: Reg and Eddie The Eagle
« Last post by ganguy on September 01, 2017, 06:45:45 AM »
Thanks, Dwayne, Gary has a good hand on the camera.
I didn't know he had also done one on Terry the pterodactyl on the club roof for YouTube.  My wife was in stitches over it.
Sadly, Terry has gone to the great boneyard in the sky (except for his body in the garage , so I might recreate him this winter with a better wing design.)
As for Eddie, he continues to amuse everybody that sees him. I'm just trying to figure out a camera location on him.
VIDEOS and PICTURES from KRCM Events and Activities / Re: Reg and Eddie The Eagle
« Last post by Dwayne on September 01, 2017, 05:15:53 AM »
Those things really fly well, and look very real up there, nice job Reg!  ;D
VIDEOS and PICTURES from KRCM Events and Activities / Re: Reg and Eddie The Eagle
« Last post by ganguy on August 31, 2017, 08:21:28 PM »
Fabulous video, thanks so much,
Reg and Eddie
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