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Buy, Sell, Trade or Give Away / Taigen M41 Walker Bulldog
« Last post by General Malarky on September 05, 2017, 01:34:15 PM »

Pretty much "New in box", has only been operated a handful of times.
None of the accessories were attached and are all included with the kit. (Unsure as to whether the airsoft BB's and smoke mixtures are present)

My brother, Ken, bought this a few years ago and then had kids and is looking to make some room in his basement.

$300 Or Best Offer. Please email with offers and questions.
VIDEOS and PICTURES from KRCM Events and Activities / Re: Reg and Eddie The Eagle
« Last post by ganguy on September 01, 2017, 08:45:45 AM »
Thanks, Dwayne, Gary has a good hand on the camera.
I didn't know he had also done one on Terry the pterodactyl on the club roof for YouTube.  My wife was in stitches over it.
Sadly, Terry has gone to the great boneyard in the sky (except for his body in the garage , so I might recreate him this winter with a better wing design.)
As for Eddie, he continues to amuse everybody that sees him. I'm just trying to figure out a camera location on him.
VIDEOS and PICTURES from KRCM Events and Activities / Re: Reg and Eddie The Eagle
« Last post by Dwayne on September 01, 2017, 07:15:53 AM »
Those things really fly well, and look very real up there, nice job Reg!  ;D
VIDEOS and PICTURES from KRCM Events and Activities / Re: Reg and Eddie The Eagle
« Last post by ganguy on August 31, 2017, 10:21:28 PM »
Fabulous video, thanks so much,
Reg and Eddie
Buy, Sell, Trade or Give Away / Evolution Drone (Multi-Rotor) Tx + 3 Rx For Sale
« Last post by Deerslayer on August 28, 2017, 07:39:01 AM »
This is a new but widely used and well respected Transmitter targetted for multi-rotors. I bought it as an experiment to see if it would work on airplanes. It did the basic job but lacked certain features that I require. (It looks like there are some Open Source efforts underway to modify it for more general purpose use, but no updates yet.)

- Evolution Transmitter, with originally included Receiver
 - 2 additional receivers
 Original value, over 100$CDN.
 Make a reasonable offer!
General Discussion / 2017 Record ClusterHuck
« Last post by Deerslayer on August 28, 2017, 05:48:12 AM »
Lots of posts surrounding the HuckFest this past weekend! In here is the video of the ClusterHuck - new record, 14 in the cluster! KRCM was well represented by Brad, see if you can spot his plane in there ...

Wouldn't it be fun if we could entice the group to come down here some weekend? Folks would be able to see and learn about top notch 3D and regular sport flying, as well as the intricacies of the most advanced technology in our sport from some of the best in the field.
General Discussion / Real action!
« Last post by Deerslayer on August 27, 2017, 08:35:28 AM »

 Now, that's what I call FUN!

Plans, Projects, Building and Flying Tips / Re: Lemon rcvrs
« Last post by Deerslayer on August 22, 2017, 05:31:12 PM »
I second Gord's comments. I have used Lemons for several years now, no problems. I have a couple of the non-stabilizer very small ones, a number of the original stab version and some of the new Stab Plus. The latter units are nominally 6 channels but can be set up for 7 channels ( you disable stabilization on the original one, but the Plus one can give you the 7 channels without losing stabilization.)

Contrary to what some folks may say, the stab does not "fly the aircraft". It simply lets you fly it better and more often, such as in strong, gusty conditions. Or, if you have a highly sensitive (even approaching unstable) plane, or have something that you hand launch, this is where they can be essential.

The stab versions allow selection of Modes and Master Gains. The Plus also adds Self-levelling.

If anyone wants some help with one of these, ambush me out at the Toyground and we will see what we can do. Please read the user-developed manual, which was written by a Canadian and a New Zealander with considerable input from the community.

Check out the Plus manual (I always have a copy in my flight kit and use it often):

The developer of Lemon products is a fellow in Vancouver and is very supportive of his customers.
Plans, Projects, Building and Flying Tips / Lemon rcvrs
« Last post by Flypaper 2 on August 22, 2017, 01:35:24 PM »
  I see leading edge has the Lemon rcvrs in now. This is not an advert., just a recommendation. They are in all of my planes but two, and never had a glitch. Gyro system settings are done on the rcvr itself. No having to plug it into a computer. I use the 6 channel versions, as that's all you need for sportflying.
 And the price is right. ;D
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