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Author Topic: Drone Stories  (Read 299 times)

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Drone Stories
« on: September 08, 2016, 05:56:05 AM »
This seems to be a good place to accumulate some "drone" stories.

Here is a good one to start with. (Good thing we don't have any nearby golf courses!):

And, an interesting commercial concept, from Mercedes:

The other day, I was lounging (one of my favorite pastimes) when a fellow on a boat in our bay launched his quadcopter. From a distance, this looked like the kind that Flypaper trots out to the Toyground. Well, the fellow flew it around and very high in the bay for what must have been 20 minutes or more. I kept thinking that he had better not push the envelope, as the thing probably doesn't know how to swim. Also, if a low voltage triggers the return To Home, he better hope that his boat has not moved around very much or he might get to watch his little machine make a perfect splashdown just off the port bow! These things are deadly accurate in returning to their launch site but that it usually on terra firma, which tends not to move except in earthquake situations. Also, if you are flying at significant distance and the return path, with its gradual let-down, happens to encounter a tree or other structure along the way, well, you are pooched. I wonder if any of them has some kind of collision avoidance system yet? At least there are no trees out in the middle of our bay. He eventually returned it to the boat, hovered it slightly above himself and reached out and grabbed it. Nice flight!
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