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Author Topic: "Flypaper" Typhoon (or maybe a Swordfish biplane)  (Read 485 times)

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General Malarky

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"Flypaper" Typhoon (or maybe a Swordfish biplane)
« on: July 12, 2017, 07:40:20 AM »
Currently in the planning phase, I need to learn pretty much everything I might need to know about constructing a plane out of insulation foam boards.

How big can I make it? (I wouldn't mind a wing-span comparable to the Fun Cub)
How do I calculate the dimensions?
How heavy can it be? (I would like some heft to it, if I can)
How big of a motor will I need? (I'll dig through our collection of spare parts and see what I can find)
How do I determine the required minimum power needed?
Should I use a gyro/stabilizer or not? (I'd rather not, but if it will smooth out the jostling that these light foamies experience, in winds, I might give it a try)
Landing gear or belly-lander? (I'd prefer landing gear and have the gear from that P-51 that I have salvaged, anchors and all)
If I make the Swordfish, could I use the "Flaps" channel to operate a bomb-drop device? (My brother has an RC tank, this could be fun) (Swordfish 3 view) (Typhoon 3 view)