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Author Topic: Fossils on the property  (Read 33 times)

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Fossils on the property
« on: October 06, 2017, 01:04:18 PM »
Was out walking around in the clearing where the proposed drone field is to be and I came across a trio of fossils in some exposed rock. I did not have a camera to take photos of them, sadly. I did set up some stones around them, though. They are about 20-30 feet from the property line, just North of the path that folks have been running ATV's and Dirt Bikes through.

Two of the fossils were similar in design while the third seemed quite different. The first two were long (roughly 18 inches?) and narrow (tapered from 3 inches to an inch) segmented pattern. I suspect they were likely from a plant. The third looked kind of like a long (6-7 inches) and narrow (a fairly uniform 1 inch across) pinecone or perhaps a very large caterpillar?

Would this be worth mentioning to Queen's or some form of archeology group?
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