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Author Topic: Huckoween - summary, etc.  (Read 298 times)

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Huckoween - summary, etc.
« on: October 19, 2017, 08:31:47 AM »
 We had an outstanding first ever Huckoween this past Saturday. I will attempt to summarize some aspects of it.

 First of all, this was a significant, well attended event which had NO outlay of KRCM effort or financial risks involved. All we had to do was to issue an invite and lay out the welcome mat. No mess to clean up afterward, the only things left behind were a lot of great memories. The ideal fun fly?

There were 22 pilots registered, with just about all of them showing up despite the questionable weather prognosis. For many of them, ths involved a 6+ hour drive each way with airplane trailer in tow. Was it worth it? Of course it was!

 Some thanks are in order:

 Brad organized things, setting up the invite over at   
where you can catch up on the whole affair, including the videos which have been trickling in.
 Our Grounds Maintenance crew went to extra efforts to have this wonderful facility in the best possible shape. The grass was manicured, the clubhouse was all cleaned up (yay, Thomas!) and it was a place to be proud of. Our guests were impressed! Thank you, Marvin and Thomas.
  Food is important. Anyone who wanted some just had to throw in $5 and expect to rip off a couple of hunks of pizza, hand delivered from Capri Pizza in Amherstview, courtesy of Terry and Marilyn. Thank you, folks!
 Brad initiated a 50/50 draw and, as I enjoy pestering people and begging for money, I set out to scoop up some coin for the cause. These folks really do like to support any club which welcomes them, as the results showed. Tickets were $5 each, 4 for $15 or 5 for $20 (I had to talk fast so that the customer didn't have time to do the math of that latter part of that "deal"). When the dust settled, the winner (Mike "it only takes one ticket to win" Siemonsen) took home $195 or thereabouts, with the same amount being turned over to KRCM. Thank you to all who participated.

 The only expense incurred was to pump out the Portapottie, something that would have to be done this fall anyway. Thanks, Rolly, for thinking to get this done.

 There was a lot of remarkable flying done on Saturday in rather fine weather. None of this prevented anyone in our Club from flying, if they cared to. I flew some of my small stuff over at the side several times. The little Kwirl autogyro attracted some significant attention - sort of at the opposite end of modelling from the big stuff featured. I had hoped that the Halloween witch, Bubba or something else from the Flypaper collection would have would show up - perhaps next year?

 From what I have heard, these folks would love to come back again - either for another Huckoween or perhaps at some other time. A bit earlier in the Fall, say, late September might be better timing, or perhaps next Spring? Our field is open year round, the weather is usually good and predictable by April and it is a long stretch from that time until our Fathers Day Fun Fly occurs. Lots of opportunities!

 At the KRCM Meeting this week, great interest was expressed in doing this again!
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