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Author Topic: Bulk Orders  (Read 307 times)

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Bulk Orders
« on: December 11, 2017, 08:54:53 AM »
Occasionally, two or more flyers get together to order items from places such as Hobby King, Banggood, etc. It can get a bit messy estimating what it all may cost and later on, sorting out who owes exactly what. Attached is a spreadsheet that I created and offer to anyone else to use. 

Caveat! Although it has been thoroughly tested and I trust it, I cannot guarantee it. If you use it, check the results carefully to ensure that it is correct. This is a tool, not a replacement for your own judgement. If you find a problem, please Reply in here so that I may correct it.


1. Download the attachment. I use OpenOffice and have saved it in as an older Excel file, so it should be readable by any spreadsheet package. If not, let me know and I can provide other versions.

2. Play around with it.
 The cells marked in RED are available for you to fill out. If your order is priced in CA$, leave the Exchange Rate as 1.0 and enter the Item Costs under the US$ -  everything ends up in CA$ anyway. If it is a USA order, set the exchange rate, e.g., .71 on a recent order I processed.
 Leave the BLACK cells alone. The one exception may be under the Shipping/Handling distribution. For example, one fellow orders a kit, or perhaps some LiPos, while another one or more just order some servos or other small stuff. I would divide the  Shipping/Handling
total charges in a fair manner and place those amounts into those cells.

3. If you have played around with this Template, make sure you do not Save it, else some future use may result in a garbage result due to an item or formula having been modified.

 If there are more Items or Buyers than have been set up on this sheet, it could be modified - very carefully! Perhaps it would be better to simply start a second sheet to handle the excess Items or Buyers. Then you divide the Brokerage, GST/HST and Shipping/Handling charges between the two sheets.

 Sometimes, I think that I might want to order something from Supplier X, but do not need it right away or would like to combine my items with someone else. I go to that site and add my stuff to my "Cart", then leave the site. Yes, I will likely get pestered once or twice that I have an incomplete order. I just ignore that, for now. Later on, another person(s) wants something and we decide to place a bulk order. I encourage him/them to do the same thing, i.e., stock up his/their "Cart". Then, if he/they can scrape out and email me a copy, I can go to my "Cart", add his/their stuff, get the estimated Shipping Charges, etc. and transpose the details to the spreadsheet. When we all agree,
I process the order. Upon delivery, I check and update the spreadsheet to reflect the final Exchange Rate, Taxes, etc. 
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