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Author Topic: Warning for the Buyer of Gord's DX9 radio !  (Read 16 times)

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Warning for the Buyer of Gord's DX9 radio !
« on: February 19, 2018, 12:25:10 PM »
I do not know who bought that radio but here is something they must check out.

Gord removed the original battery and installed a LiPo.

The new owner MUST check to see which battery is in there now. If there is a LiPo in there DO NOT try charge this transmitter via the normal charging port. Remove and charge it with any normal LiPo charger.

If you attempt to charge it via the charger that came with the transmitter, or any other source, you WILL damage the radio and possibly create a fire.

The original battery in the DX9 was a 2000 mah Lithium Ion battery, clearly identified as such. These radios can be charged from any DC voltage source of 12 volts to 17 volts. The original wall wart that came with the DX9 is a plain 12V DC power supply. It is NOT a charger, just a voltage source.

 The DX9 charging is managed internally to the radio and battery. You do not use any kind of a smart charger, just a plain DC plain power source, including the plug in your car or even a 3cell LiPo or 12 volt car battery, etc.. I made up a cord with the standard 12V cigarette lighter style plug to enable charging in my vehicle. This system is not polarity sensitive, so you will not risk damaging it regardless of which part of the plug is positive or negative.

One another note:

Gord's radio is at a very early version of Spektrum's Airware firmware (its operating system); he was reluctant to upgrade. The new owner should go to SPEKTRUMRC.COM and re-register the radio, then upgrade to the latest version of firmware. This is simple, free and may prevent you running into some weird situation that has long ago been corrected. For instance, I once tried to help Gord with a change to his X-Vert but I could not transfer my setup into his radio because his was too far behind in its Airware version. There have been some other improvements in functionality that arrived later than his version, some of which could be very helpful to you. Or, if you ever have a problem and contact Spektrum Support, or others via the RCGROUPS community, the first question will likely be whether you are at an up-to-date version.

If you are uncertain about this, I would be happy to try to help you. My radio has the latest firmware and it is solid.

I wish you great success with this excellent radio, arguably still the best value for price within the Spektrum family.
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