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Author Topic: Coroplast Planes - Correction re: availability of American 2-1/2" drainpipe  (Read 1071 times)

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Here is a clarification to my previous post, about the size of the drainpipe.

The white plastic drainpipe referred to in many SPAD plans as "American 2-1/2" drainpipe is often used as part of the fuselage. For instance the Big Stik model uses 7" in the forward fuselage and a smaller piece further back.

If you are tempted to build a Coroplast plane that needs this drainpipe somewhere, it is available at Northway Home Hardware in Inverary.

But they refer to it as "4 inch" drainpipe for some reason that only makes sense to those who know about such things, in which category I am not.

The right drainpipe is 2-1/2 inches on each side, and that is what Northway has.

Perhaps other, closer Home Hardware stores could order it. Cost is $13.55 for 10', inc/tax.

For those of us that are aeronautically challenged, Coroplast and wooden yardsticks from Home Hardware might be worth considering as building material, especially just after the election.

Lots of plans are available on Spad To The Bone website, for starters.

Thanks to Gord Clifford for putting me onto this.

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