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Author Topic: FPV FREQUENCY CHART (PROPOSED)  (Read 447 times)

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« on: March 10, 2018, 12:07:12 PM »
As the band, channel and therefore the frequency of all video transmitters used in FPV can be easily changed, I propose for the time being that each KRCM club member who is interested in flying FPV at our field select an individual frequency to use. As an example, I have selected Band "B", Channel "4" which is "5790".

I therefore propose that we use the included frequency chart as a starting point.

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« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2018, 01:19:01 PM »
Hi Wilf,

Just wanted to share this article that talks about frequency management, things to watch for and also has some suggested methods for managing usage:

I think picking and sticking to a frequency could work, but consider that since you are flying on B4, If someone were to select A5, you would surely have an issue when they power up. The two channels are only 5mhz apart. In some cases (like A1 and B8), we only have 1mhz of separation. Also depending on the vtx power output which can typically be anywhere from 25mw to 800mw; if someone were operating an 800mw vtx they would probably spill into a few channels and would likely also impact an adjacent channel on the same band. Depending on what is legal, a max of 200-250mw might be a good practice to put in place.

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« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2018, 06:56:08 AM »
Thanks, Adam.
I never considered the separation issue until you showed me the other night.

The article is really good, and worth saving.

We do have a chart, as you know, in the clubhouse on which you and I and a couple of others have marked in spots that we have been using. However, there are likely to be others who show up. Perhaps we should each look at this and confirm that we have good separation, even marking out acceptable bands for use at our field.

Attached is the very informative chart from the article.
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