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Author Topic: 2019 KRCM Auction - February 16  (Read 31 times)

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2019 KRCM Auction - February 16
« on: January 06, 2019, 11:06:58 AM »
The Annual KRCM Auction is Saturday, Feb.16, at the RCAFA Club at Kingston Airport, where the Harvard is mounted.
The doors will be open at 0900 hours, to allow for set-ups and registration.

Clear out those Hangar Queens. If you haven't flown them for months or years, you don't need them. Dig out and dust off that old kit that you're never "gonna get around to" building. Tools, engines, radio gear - it's all welcome. Turn this into cash, then buy someone else's stuff.

Plan to get there in good time, register (FREE, of course!), set up your stuff on a table (no charge)and relax. The Club receives a 10% commission on all sales.

Make use of the RCAFA bar for soft drinks and other libations, popcorn, tater chips, etc. Bring your own sandwich, the action is non-stop!

Throw a buck or two into the 50/50 draw - you may become a very RICH person. We give the other half to the RCAFA, as they waive the usual rental fee for this day.

Browse around, check out the wares, meet others, and get ready for the main event.

Then, the fun really begins We have a highly experienced Auction Team eager to spring into action. Keep them busy, make them happy:

* The Auction itself will get underway as soon as Registration is completed, planning for 1030 hours.

* The 50/50 draw will take place around noon.

* Our Auction System allows Participants to settle up at any time, in case you have to leave early.

* We expect to wrap things up by mid-afternoon.
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