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Author Topic: Entering the R/C Flying Hobby – Some Thoughts To Help Get You Started  (Read 729 times)

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The purpose of this Topic is to try to enlighten those who are eager to learn to fly r/c.

The days are gone when you could wander in to the local hobby shop to browse, get advice, look at options, or lay down some cash and immediately get airborne. It is now up to Club Members to encourage and educate and assist new entrants.

I have put together a document which summarizes pretty much everything I know in this area - some facts, some opinions and probably a bit of bias.
It is lengthy and therefore it is in here as an Attachment. When I started into r/c, some 40+ years ago, I devoured everything I could regarding the hobby. I bet you did, or will do, also!

It would be great if someone actually reads this. It would be really nice if feedback (particularly regarding errors, differences of opinion or enhancements to the topic) would be posted as Replies. Perhaps we can come up with a better version as a result.
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