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Author Topic: Message from the DRFC President  (Read 108 times)

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Message from the DRFC President
« on: March 28, 2019, 03:06:20 PM »

Those of us who joined last year should be on Jamie's mailing list. There may be others in KRCM or nearby who are interested in what is happening  and, hopefully, considering joining the club. Now that Wilf has moved from Varty Lake, this excellent location is arguably the best within a short drive place to enjoy float flying and good times. Here is the note from the Prez:

Hello Folks!

I hope everyone is getting ready for some soft water flying and that I have everyone's correct email (thanks Walter for supply a few).   There are a few things that need your attention.

Geoff, our Zone Director has asked for feedback via the presidents so I'm sure that you all have seen this from your other clubs.  I've attached one document plus the original ammendments in Geoff's email, for your review and comments regarding changes being contemplated at this years MAAC AGM.  The word document is basically the online response that presidents will complete, based on majority of club members decisions for each item.  If you have responded to other your other clubs, forward me your response.  Need response from you by end of next week please.

Next Walter has put together a list of dates for Fun Fly events we will get sanctioned and is pasted below
 May 26
June 23
July 21
Aug. 25
Sept. 22
These are all on Sunday and Walter checked to ensure minimal conflict with other events.  Also, do you  want a swap meet at our first event or later?  I'm proposing to have a two day event with camping to press the town regarding in-town event camping.  I went with the proposal a year ago January but they dragged their feet into the fall election with no resolution.  Walter suggest July 20, 21 or August 31, Sept 1 long weekend (would get rid of Aug 25th event). 

First question is, do you want a camping event on the waterfront and which date works best?  How many of you would be camping?  I'm pretty sure of the answer, but any idea how many may show up from distant clubs?  Perhaps best to check with other club presidents via a ZD email blast.  I need a quick turn around for this, especially regarding the two day event since need to go before council and have less than week to request addition to agenda.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, fire away!  We should have a meeting at some point, just not sure when or where since we are spread out.  I plan on flying regularly once weather cooperates especially during week, so if interested, pop me off and email or text me (613 922-1162).

That's about all I can think of at this point except if you are on Facebook, like the Deseronto Royal Flying Club page ( 


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