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Author Topic: Ski season  (Read 270 times)

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Ski season
« on: November 18, 2019, 06:13:49 AM »
It's here, for how long we do not know. For anyone looking for ideas of how to enjoy winter flying fun, here are some suggestions:

1. Floats. If you have them, use them. If they seem a  bit fragile or easily damaged, such as the crappy ones on my Fun Cub, stick a layer of tape on the bottom surface. I have planes where the same tape ("Tough" tape by 3M, available at Home Depot) has been on for years, flying off snow, ice, slush and water.

2. Materials. For larger planes, cut a slice of the material from a kiddy's Magic Carpet slidy thing - be sneaky and they will never notice. Or, break down and buy one, they are great for sliding furniture or refrigerators, motorcycles and other big boys' toys, etc., while avoiding damage to yourself or the floors

For smaller planes, meat trays are dandy. Mske friends with your nearby meat department guy, or  save and wash your used ones. Here is a link to an old post on that subject:

There are other suitable materials lying around, just use your imagination. Something made of plastic is the best. Unlike aluminum, the snow does not stick to plastics when you first take from a warm to cold location and/or it will brush off easily.

3. Mounts and suspension. There are numerous ways  to attach skis. However you do it, they need some fllexibility of movement so that they sit properly on the ground, maintain a very slight tips-up attitude during flight and can rotate more to follow rough terrain or snow or accomodate a tipover without harming the gear mount. Here is a simple technique that I finally settled upon, for any size of plane, after decades of trying all kinds of both good and poor arrangements:
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