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Author Topic: Winter Maintenance at the Field  (Read 356 times)

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Winter Maintenance at the Field
« on: November 22, 2019, 07:35:20 AM »
A couple of items to keep in mind, as winter sets in:

1. Be careful! There is usually lots of ice lurking around, sometimes invisible. Consider picking up a set of cleats that slip over your boots.

2. Snowshoes! We do have a set stored somewhere out there, originally provided by Gord. I keep a set in my car, just in case I have to retrieve a plane through deep snow. Mine are light, metallic and have built-in ice cleats. Struggling through even moderately deep snow can become a health threat.

3. Anti-slip stuff! We may or may not at any time have some sand in a bucket available to spread on the obvious locations, such as at the north entrance area of the clubhouse. Consider picking up at least a small bag of sand and leaving it out there for others to use. The other, perhaps more important purpose, in having sand on hand is to contain a LiPo fire - water does not work and can make things worse. LiPo combustion fumes are poisonous!

DO NOT USE ANY SALT ON OR AROUND THE CONCRETE! PLEASE! Even the so-called safety salt may damage our concrete surface. It is OK to use salt on the patio stones, as they are old, gnarly and replaceable.

4. Safari precautions! If you do have to venture off the field and into the wilderness, take the usual precautions. Let someone else know, or at least leave a note on your windshield. Take a cellphone with you. Be aware that many of the numerous holes and pieces of garbage may be well hidden by the snow cover.

5. Solo flying!

If you must fly by yourself, be careful not to take a chance on getting stuck somewhere (your car, or you!). Have a cellphone with you. Incurring an injury, such as a severe prop strike, will probably require outside help.

Let someone, family or otherwise, know where you will be and let them know when you have left. Full scale pilots normally file a flight plan.

Winter flying can be an extremely enjoyable time. We have a great facility, well maintained and available at all times. Enjoy it, but be especially aware of potential hazards.
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