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Author Topic: Sonic HD @ KRCM - 23 JAN 2020  (Read 266 times)

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Sonic HD @ KRCM - 23 JAN 2020
« on: January 28, 2020, 09:40:57 AM »
Well, after some trials and tribulations, I really have gotten the Sonic HD sorted out. Short version is that I bought it bare bones, stuck in a motor that I had lying around that looked like it might be suitable, ended up stuffing two 2200 mah batteries up front to give a reasonable G of G and went flying last March.

This plane is a beauty to fly. As others have previously found, it can be a real bitch to launch. Same here! Many disastrous launches, with and without stabilizer, lots of repairs to nose cone (it comes with a spare, plus the clear one for FPV, if desired). I got fed up, so I hung it up in the Cave until a week ago, then I suddenly decided to either scrap it or try something completely different.

I put a much smaller motor and prop, single 2200 mah battery, a little 30g weight up in the nose and gave her a fling. Excellent! A fluke? Let's see ...
try again ... and again ... Yay! Outstanding. no need to even enable the stabilizer for launches.

Many flights later, this as become my latest declared "favorite" airplane. Another is now on order from Banggood ... just in case.

Meanwhile, I am back to doing lots of videos. Some time ago, I mounted the Sony Handycam on a hard hat and that worked out fairly well. So, what about the Mobius? I stuck a piece of Velcro onto the peak of one of the dozens of baseball caps lying around home. The Mobius lines up exactly where I am looking and the video is far more stable than any handheld arrangement I have tried. I wish there was a zoom feature, even 2:1. but you can't have everything. Alternatively, I wish that Openshot, the video editor I use, could do a digital zoom processing; there was a claim that it can, but I have not found out how, at least so far.

Here is a bit of footage of my "favorite" plane in action at the Toyground on a beautiful winter day:
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