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Author Topic: Deseronto 2020 Float Flying Site Status  (Read 21 times)

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Deseronto 2020 Float Flying Site Status
« on: May 22, 2020, 07:55:35 AM »
From the President of the DRFC:

Hello Fellow DRFC Fliers!

I was down flying on our site this evening and it was absolutely fantastic!  Couple of kids fishing in the slip to the west, gentle breeze from the south, water is really low this time of year and no bugs at this point!

I've talked with Walter regarding the Kingston's club approach to the virus versus the Stetson Flyers impressive documentation (in email trail below) on how they are dealing with the pandemic.

We are a small group and am sure can keep our social distancing to what is recommended and stay aligned to Kingston club's approach.  If we can't use common sense and observe distancing, like being in the motor boat retrieving downed aircraft, facemasks/bandanas/bankrobber masks should satisfy current recommendations.  We have lots of water so only need a little bit of soap, which is the best antivirus measure.

The only stipulation is that we restrict our site to current members as per MAAC's directive for now.  Membership will be $30 this year since we really can't fund raise with our BBQ for the foreseeable future. 

Our event in May is cancelled but we will still hold a one day event on June 26th weekend which was originally to be our weekend flying and camping event.  I would propose that we fly on Saturday with rain day on Sunday for that weekend but will follow what majority want.  I may be able to talk local bar owner into giving us a special deal on wings (Merrill can vouch for them!) for the Saturday as he originally planned for the camping event (currently closed on Sundays).

All I am asking at this point is for you to confirm to me that you will be a member of the DRFC for 2020 and I will add you to the club membership for this year.  We will settle up later regarding payment. 

Regarding the cancellation of our May event next weekend, Walter is always looking for guys to fly with at our site.  Until our June event, please call Walter if you plan on going flying in Deseronto.  He also cleaned up the carb on his outboard and now purrs like a kitten with a one pull start!  Walter rules!  Talk to Walter if you need carbs cleaned!

I am also hoping to be down to Deseronto frequently this summer so also give me a call if interested in flying and if able, we're on!  I will look at renting the shed starting June 1st.

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