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Author Topic: Posting Pictures  (Read 907 times)

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Posting Pictures
« on: February 27, 2011, 04:45:11 AM »
Perhaps we can help folks successfully and easily post pictures.

There are probably a number of ways, and tools, to accomplish the primary task, i.e., compressing the picture so that it uploads/downloads in reasonable time and within the allowable sized for a specfic Forum.

I use a freebie (at least it was when I picked it up a few years ago) which will take anything that is in a specific Folder and resize it to whatever you wish, placing the output into a suitable location (I leave it as c:\My JPEGs). Unlike so much "free" software, this seems not to limit your use, nor does it have an expiry date, nor does it continuously pester you for an upgrade or money ...

The Simple way (at least to me) is to Copy the pictures you intend to post into some temporary Folder on your desktop, then invoke JPEG Resizer and point it to that Folder. When you have finished uploading the resultinf compressed pictures, go back and clear out the My JPEG Folder.

The KRCM Forum package has a limit on the number of Attachments (pictures, usually) per post. If you have more than that number, and you really do want to post them, simply note in your first post that there are more to come and upload them in the next post.

Here is the package I am talking about, at one of its download loactions:

I hope that others will supply further tips, other packages or techniques, etc., in here.

Note: The most important thing you can do with a picture is to COMPOSE it properly. Many times, what may have been a great photo is merely a dull or uninspiring or confusing "snapshot". Yet, if you look at it more closely and critically, it may be worth saving, even ending up as something to be very proud of. This is the great thing about digital photography! Take the time, consider re-cropping, adjustment of brightness and/or contrast and even some hacking to remove some unwanted item (like someone's foot in the foreground of an otherwise beautiful and creative picture). High resolution cameras leave little excuse for not doing some artful "dodging" of pictures, without losing definition. Zooming in on an aerial shot during post-processing with Photoshop can sometimes produce spectacular results. Remember, always keep the perspective - an aircraft is just a blob in a blue sky, but if you can include some trees or other ground-based objects, it may make all the difference.
(Remember: Do as I SAY, not as I DO )

How do you folks go about posting pictures? We all stand to learn something. Please share your thoughts and experience.
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