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Author Topic: What's in YOUR Cave?  (Read 1105 times)

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What's in YOUR Cave?
« on: February 02, 2011, 10:35:47 AM »
Everyone assumes that model airplane designers/builders live in caves somewhere, occasionally emerging into the world to try out their latest creation (or fix-up, following a prior excursion). So, what does your cave look like? Here is mine (attached photo).

A couple of notes:

First, this picture was taken by combining 3 successive shots into a panorama, using AUTOSTITCH. This program is available, free - just Google for it. It is very useful, usually for outdoor scenes but also for situations, such as in my attached picture, where you have a confined space. Yes, there will be some distortion, but even that can be largely taken care of. (I have some learnings which I may try to pass along sometime in that area).

Next, a couple of the "features" of the Preston Cove Hangar:

My main building bench, the latest of many that I have messed around with over 30 years, is moveable. It is approximately 4' x 4', so it can support a fairly long wing or fuselage if that is set down diagonally. I seem to be constantly moving it around, partly because I have a TV in the corner but mostly because I tend to move my bench rather than the pile of tools I have cluttered around on it, as I am working on different parts of a project or on a couple of smaller projects.

I recently replaced my fixed flourescent light arrangement. I McGyvered an adjustable system, cobbled from bits and pieces of wood, bolts, bungee cord, a diver's weight, etc., I can rotate it to relocate it totally within a couple of feet radius, rotate the light itself and raise or lower it by about 2 feet in total. It is all counterbalanced, so I just push it around as desired. Why? I got tired of often working in shadows on my projects, or needing just that little bit of extra light for fine work. Yet, a table-mounted lamp mount (like on my other table, in the foreground) always seemed to be in the way. I have enough problems, without making my building work any more difficult!

But, that's just me: someone who is never satisfied, obviously has too much time on his hands ...

Not shown in the above picture is the rest of the clutter in my "hell hole" as the superior resident (SWMBO, as you married guys would know) of the house refers to it. Also, the big door through which I walk out of and down to the water to fly on floats or skis, depending upon the seasons, on one of the world's greatest airfields - Lake Ontario.

(Rolly, we should do a set of pictures and descriptions of your laser cutting operation, including how one goes about setting up something for cutting. The airfoil templates I drew up and you cut are one example of how easy it is and how it all works.)

So, what's in your cave?

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