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Author Topic: Winter Projects - Planes Brought to April 18's Meeting  (Read 889 times)

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Winter Projects - Planes Brought to April 18's Meeting
« on: April 21, 2011, 05:22:02 PM »
Club members were invited to bring something they've worked on over the winter, and the result was a great display of aeromodelling skills from beginner to expert.

Gus MacGillivray brought his nearly complete, first-ever balsa kit, a Mini-Bipe park flyer that he and his grandson Tyler worked on over the winter. It's ready for covering and final assembly. Gus told me that Jay Kingston has volunteered to help him with the final steps.

Cliff Smith brought his scratch-built, scale Lockheed Vega. He built it to his own plans scaled up from those for a 1/12 scale rubber band model. It weighs 17 pounds, has an 84" wingspan and already looks like it will be a masterpiece.

Dave Fasken showed his awe-inspiring 89" wingspan, electric-powered Super Decathlon, built from a Dynaflite builder's kit and powered by a 1.60 equivalent motor. The quality of the work on it is so good that I was admiring the finish on his plane's wing when Dave let me know that it was still just primed!

Gary Droppo brought a display of his original-design plank planes to show the construction technique he is exploring now with his "Bats". He's maintained the same 32" wingspan and general layout using an LA .15 for some years, but the material used and assembly methods are still evolving. Gary plans to publish an article on them and the use of blue foam for rib material on the Forum. I've seen them fly in gale-force winds so stay tuned for the construction article.

Jim Thompson brought his big, eye-catching, scratch-built plane built to his own plans, "Breezy". It's an innovative pusher plane with a 76" wingspan, powered by a Saito .85, and beautifully finished. It weighs 8.6 lbs but it will likely fly like a bird.

Rick Naylor brought his Super Stearman, a 1/4 scale GP model with a top wingspan of 71.5", powered by a Saito 1.82 twin cylinder engine. The finish and scale details make it look too pretty to fly it, but there's no doubt he's going to.

Rick also brought two new pylon racers, for a change of pace.

Here are 10 true grabshots of them.
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